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Last Update: May 09, 2016 @3:30pm





May 9: Today has been thwe start of an absolutely perfect week. We received a long awaited major shipment of yarns from Hedgehog Fibres in Cork Ireland. We are in the process of inventorying this yarn, after which we will photograph it and post details on our website. But included are many new colors that have only recently become available. The photo (right) shows this order, and how massive it is. If you have been waiting for something new from Hedgehog, wait no more, it is here...





April 5: Yesterday was an absolutely wonderful day as we received an anticipated shipment of Freia Yarns as shown in the photo (right), as well as the photos below. Shown right are the 20 colors of Lace yarn we received. Freia yarns are quite unique in the coloring. Not to mention that their colors are themselves quite remarkable, as are their fibers. Since we started stocking Freia, these yarns have become quite popular, and included in this recent shipment are additional weights of their yarns. While those additional weights are presently limited in the quantity we have in inventory, we already have orders placed for additional colors in these weights. Thus far, all of our projects knitted using Freia have turned out extremely beautiful, and knitting with Freia was itself a pleasurable experience. Given the unique mechanism Freia uses in coloring their yarns, our pending order will take some time to complete. Keep checking our website for news of additional Freia yarns.


Shown in the photo left are two delightful colors of Freia Worsted weight yarns we received. Each ball of Worsted is approx 75 grams, and 165 yards in length.








Shown left are the two colors of Freia Fingering weight we received. Each ball of Fingering is approx 75 grams, and approx 330 yards in length. Shwown in the photo right are the two colors of Freia Sport weight yarn. Each ball of Freia Sport is approximately 75 grams, and 256 yards in length. While our inventory of Sport, Fingering, and Worsted are presently limited, we have placed an order for virtually all available colors of these exceptional yarns. Keep checking our website for an announcement when they arrive.







March 29: Lana Gatto Yarns will always hold a special place in my heart. I was travelling in Italy and discovered this yarn there. It seemed like I was buying out the Lana Gatrto store's complete inventory. I loved it there, and I love it here and now. Everything I have knitted using this yarn has turned out quite well, and I can attest to its durability. Shown left are the 5 colors of Lana Gatto "Juan Les Pens we received today. This yarn is a blend of 82% cotton and 18% polymide ensuring the durability of your finished garmets. Lana Gatto has recently been reintroduced to the US market by KFI. This yarn is well suited to our climate here in Central Florida.



March 16: We recently completed knitting our "Winter Largo" s pattern available through Ravelry. This shawl was made using a single skein of Hedgehog yarns, and a bag of complimentary beads. The result is nothing short of stunning. If you would like to order this pattern for your future knitting, you can simply click on the adjacent photo and a new screen will open for you and loaded with the correct Ravelry page to order this shawl pattern. This was an extremely entertaining knittingproject that was actually fun to knit. We could see early on that the finished shawl was going to be breathtaking, and it is. This shawl is on display in the store, and we encourage you to stop by and see for yourself. Perhaps the example will inspire you to create one for yourself. After all it's almost St. Patricks Day, and you can justify rewarding yourself. If you feel guitly about this rationalization, then by all means knit it using green yarn!





February 5: Lorna's Laces has recently introduced Shawl Kits referred to as "String Quintets" in 12 distinctive colors, which are sure to please just about everyones color pallette. String Quintets are mini skein sets. Each set includes five 25g hanks of Shepherd Sock for a total of 535 yards. Throughout the year a different pattern will be introduced. The first pattern is named "Isn't it Romantic?", and is shown in the adjacent photo . The 12 colors available are shown in the photo below, right.















Shown left, is a shawl we recently completed using Hedgehog 100% Cashmere Lace yarn using the Snow Drop pattern.. As shown, this shawl required 2 skeins to complete, and turned out quite elegant. This shawl was made using the same pattern as the one featured below, and the pattern for this shawl is available for purchase on the Ravelry website. You can go directly to the purchase page by clicking on the pattern image to the left. It is hard to describe how absolutely wonderful this shawl fees, and how appealking this yarn is. Rarely in our temperate climate can you effective use Cashmere, but a lace shawl made with Cashmere is a perfect answer to this dilemma. This shawl is on display in the store, please stop by and see for yourself. We have 8 colors of Hedgehog Cashmere Lace from which to choose.








We also recently finished our "Lace Eater" shawl featured in the photo right, using Galler Yarns, which is a new product for us. We are more than pleased with Galler Yarns, and they truly have exceeded our expectations in every way, especially in how comfortable they are to knit with. As shown, we used a single skein of Galler Prime Alpaca Natural, which is 100% Superfine Alpaca. Each skein is approx 660 yards in length.






January 31: Yesterday we received our long awaited major shipment from Hedgehog Fibers in Cork, Ireland. We actually placed this order the day we received our first order as the quality of these yarns was amongst the finst we have seen anywhere. Judging by our customers response to our initial order, there are obviously a lot of customers who share our opinion. Shown in the photo (left) is our "Snowdrop Shawl" which we made using Hedgehog Cashmere Lace yarn. If you click on the image (left) you will be taken to the page on Ravelry where you can purchase this beautiful pattern. As shown, the shawl took 2 skeins of yarn to make. Everything about Hedgehog Cashmere Lace is took magnificent to describe, as this one yarn that you really must see to fully appreciate. Best of all, if affords those of us who love Cashmere to integrate it into our attire as lace is ideal for our temperate climate, as well as providing a perfect finish to your outfit. It is certain to capture attention wherever you go. Snowdrop is on display in the store, please feel free to stop by and see this incredible yarn, and equally incredible pattern. We presently have 8 colors of Hedgehog Cashmere Lace in stock as shown in the photo (right).







Shown in the adjacent photos are the 29 colors of Hedgehog Sock Yarn we received. Each skein of this yarn is approximately 400 meters (1312 feet) in length, and is a blend of 90% Superwash Merino and 10% Nylon. This yarn typifies the incredible quality of Hedgehog Fibers in both fiber quality, and colorations.












We received 33 colors of Hedgehog's Silk Lace Merino as shown in the adjacent photos. Eack skein of Silk Lace Merino is approx 700 meters ( 2296 feet) in length. Silk Lace Merino is a blend of 50% Silk and 50% Merino Wool. As with the other Hedgehog fibers, Silk Lace Merino is of the highest quality, whose coloring is superb. The quality of this yarn ensures that whatever you make is destined to be cherished for years to come.













Shown in the photo (right) are the 10 colors of Hedgehog DK we received. Each skein of DK is approx 200 meters (656 feet) in length. DK is 100% Springy Twist Merino Wool, and is well suited to a multitude of knitting projects, especially where warmer attire is a requirement. DK is a new addition to our inventory of Hedgehog fibers, and is a very welcomed addition. With this shipment we have broadened our inventory of Hedgehog yarns considerably. Our one experience knitting using Hedgehog yarns persuades us that these yarns are destined to be a favorite among our knitters. Please stop by the store and see these fine yarns for yourself, as well as others we feature. Below, are new yarns we just received from Illimani, which are also quite remarkable yarns in their own right.







Illimani is a new line of yarns for us, and our first impressions of these fine yarns is nothing short of remarkable. We also encourage you to visit the Illimani website yourself, and read about the evolution of these fine yarns. We have a link to their website on our "Yarns" page if you have such interest. Shown in the adjacent photos are 2 variants of the same yarn, their "Royal I", which is 100% Alpaca. While it is Alpaca, it could easily be mistaken for Chashmere given its luxurious feel, and texture which is nearly identical to Cashmere. Each skein of Royal I is approx 220 yards in length. This yarn is definitely worthy of your consideration. Wearing anything made with this yarn would be a wonderful experience.








January 17: Response to Hedgehog Fibers has been overwhelming. We recently completed 2 shawls made using Hedgehog Fibers Silk Lace Merino, which are featured in the photos left and below right. These shawls are exceptional in every way, and speak reams about the quality of Hedgehog yarns. We are presently working on another shawl using Hedgehog Cashmere Lace, which promises to be an exceptional shawl, and one that is perfect in every way for our moderate climate. We will post photos of it as soon as it is finished.







December 18: The Knitting Patch is pleased to introduce Hedgehog Fibers, from County Cork, Ireland to Central Florida's knitters. In Europe Hedgehog is renown for their extremely high quality yarns and magnificent coloring, and is a highly sought after product. We received our first shipment yesterday, and already have more on the way. Shown left are the 2 colors of Pure Cashmere we received. Finding lace weight Cashmere is difficult, especially of this quality. Cashmere is usually reserved for colder climates, but in lace weight projects, like shawls, it makes an ideal garment that is very practical in our warmer climate. Each skein is approximately 400 meters in length.





We have 18 colors of Hedgehog's Silk Merino Lace yarn in stock. This is an extremely beautiful, and high quality yarn that promises to make perfectly elegant creations that will last a lifetime. Eack skein is approx 700 meters in length. Silk Merino is a blend of 50% Silk and 50% Merino Wool making it as practical as it is elegant.






Featured in the adjacent photos as well as the one below are the 26 colors of Hedgehog's Sock yarn. This is an amazing yarn, that is perfectly suited to many knitting projects, and not just socks. Each skein is approximately 400 meters of 90% Superwash Merino and 10% Nylon ensuring that the yarn is as durable as it is elegant. The possibilities are almost unlimited for this very wonderful yarn.








December 15: Shown in the adjacent photo is our "Mustardseed" shawl from Boo Knits! This project was an incredible amount of fun to knit, and the pattern was easy to understand and follow. The result speaks reams about the designer. We elected to make Mustardseed using a single skein of Maiden Hair yarn, and coordinating beads. The result is nothing short of stunning. This shawl, along with many more are available for inspection in the store. If you do not see what you are looking for, just ask. Mustardseed is a pattern that highly recommend, as you need not be an advanced knitter to produce advanced knitter results. In this regard, Beverly Johnson (Boo Knits!) is a genius, it also accounts for the popularity of her designs.



December 11: Today we received our first shipment from Galler Yarns, and we have already placed another order as we love these yarns, and you will see why. Shown left are the 3 colors of Alpaca we received. Each skein is 100% Superfine Alpaca, and is approximately 660 yards in length. The quality of the fiber is hard to describe, as well as how it feels to the touch and against you skin.n the photo (right) are the 6 colors of Angora we received. And "Oui" this fiber comes to us from France! Each ball is approximately 33 yards in length. When you must use Angora, this is the yarn you are looking for. Stop by and see these exciting new yarns for yourself. We are pleased to feature Galler Yarns in our inventory.






December 1: Tis the Season, and we are working to make The Knitting Patch into a holiday showcase. We are still focused on providing you with the best selection of fine yarns, and increasing our ever expanding line of yarns. Yesterday we received a major shipment from Anzula, and we are quite excited to add these yarns to our inventory.



Featured in the adjacent photo are the 16 colors of Anzula Lace yarn. Eack skein of Anzula Lace is approc 980 yards in length and is 100% Superwash Merino. Anzula does an exceptional job coloring their yarns, as well as offering some truly dramatic colors, which makes their yarns exciting to ponder. In addition to their superior coloring, the underlying yarn is also of exceptional quality, and will provide many years to wear for the lucky owner of a garmet made with this fine yarn.




Shown in the photo (right) are the 13 colors of Anzula Silken we received. Silken is a blend of 50% Superwash Merino and 50% Tussah Silk, making for an exceptionally beautiful yarn, as well as one that assures that whatever you make using this yarn will be very comfortable to wear. It will also prove to be durable and provide many years of wear. Each skein of Silken is approx 370 yards in length. The coloring of this yarn is exceptional, and must be seen to be fully appreciated.




The photo (left) shows the 12 colors of Alzula Squishy we received. Squishy is a delightful blend of 80% Superwash Merino; 10% Cashmere, and 10% Nylon making squishy as durable as it is elegant and comfortable. Each skeing of Squishy is approx 385 yards in length, and is well suited to seasonal knitting projects. While it does contain cashmere, that content is sufficient to make your finished garment nearly perfect for our moderate climate here in Central Florida, which also providing that exquisite feeling that only comes from Cashmere.





November 25: Yesterday we received a shipment of an entirely new yarn named "Cambria." We received 13 colors of this yarn, which forst caught out attention as a result of Boo Knits! having recommended this yarn in her Pleasant Valley Shawl, which is part of her Memory Tree Collection. The photo at the left below is from the Boo Knits! pattern, which was made using this yarn. The image below right, shows the 13 colors we have in stock, which is all of the colors that are available. Cambria is a very practical blend of 90% wool and 10% mohair, making Cambria be an extremely durable yarn that will withstand many years of use without distorting how it looks. Each skein is approximately 236 yards in length. Cambria is a yarn worthy of consideration for your projects. Stop by the store and see for yourself.












November 7: Shown left is our "Love & madness" Shawl, which was knitted using a single skein of Freia Fibers "Ombre Grande" yarn. The Freia yarns are a delight to knit, and the finished results speak for themselves. The pattern is available on Ravelry, and the Freia yarns are available at The Knitting Patch. This shawl is on display in the store. You may click on the image left and you will be taken to the Ravelry page where you can purchase this intriguing shawl pattern.








November 4: Yesterday we received a huge order from Hand Maiden, which included Maiden Hair & Sea Silk, who of our favorite yarns. Shown in the photo (right and 2 photos below) are the 30 colors of Maiden Hair we received. Maiden Hair is a blend of 67% Silk; 23% Kid Mohair; and 10% Nylon. Each skein is approx 328 yard in length.











Shown in the photo (left & below) are the 28 colors of Sea Silk we received. Sea Silk is a blend of 70% Silk & 30% Seacell, making for an incredibly elegant yarn. Each skein of Sea Silk is approx 437 yards in length. Boo Knits uses both of these exceptional Hand Maiden yarns in many of her patterns, and recommends these yarns for those patterns.











October 31: The Knitting Patch extends our most sincere thanks to Beverly Johnson, and everyone who participated in our "Boo Day" event. It appeared that everyone had a great time, and clearly many engaged with Beverly throughout the day. Throughout the day we took photos of the festivities, and want to make those photos available to anyone who would like to have copies of the photos. If you would like to receive them by email, please send an email to lnh@knittingpatch.com with the subject line "Photos" and we will send them to you early next week. Thank you for participating in Boo Day. We look forward to seeing you in the future.


At last, It is BOO DAY!!!!



Just in time for Boo Knits! (Beverly Johnson's) visit to The Knitting Patch we just finished Beverly's latest KAL - VooDoo as shown in the adjacent photo. In making Voodoo we use 2 skeins of Handmaiden Swiss Silk, and black/gold beads. This shawl is really stunning, and is wonderful to knit. VooDoo is on display in the store, so have a look at it while you are here meeting its creator.





October 29: In advance of Boo Knits! visit to The Knitting Patch on Saturday, October 21, we have just created our "Bootique", which showcases examples we have knitted based upon Boo Knits! patterns. To have a look at the Bootique, simply click on the "Boo" image above and you will be taken to that page. Most of the examples in the Bootique are available for inspection in the store, just ask for assistance. Boo Knits! patters are both elegant, and much easier to knit than they appear. We also offer classes in making any pattern(s) you select.





October 26: Speaking of Boo Knits! We just completed Boo's "Mimosa" Shawl as shown in the photo (left). This was a relatively simple project to knit, and the resulting shawl is really an eye catcher. The triangular beads really capture the light, and make it a stand out. Mimosa is on display in the store for you to see. Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 31, and plan to attend our special "Boo Day" celebration as Beverly Johnson (Boo Knits! will be in the store meeting with knitters, and sharing her perspectives with everyone. What better way to get your Halloween celebration off to a perfect start than meeting with BOO!






October 24: Shown in the adjacent is our "Wedding Shawl," which was completed earlier in the day. This shawl was made using a single skein of Madelinetosh Lace yarn, but any high quality lace yarn would produce similar results. However, we recommend only using rectangular beads for this project, as they make a substantial difference in the appearance of the shawl. This shawl is on display in the store. The pattern for this shawl is available on Ravelry.






October 23: What is a proper and befitting way to end an otherwise perfect week? You receive a long awaited, and quite special order from Fyberspates, which contains Faery Wings yarn! That is the perfect ending of this week. Faery Wings has always been as highly sought after yarn. It has always had limited supply due to the difficulties in producing this yarn. By special arrangement with Fyberspates, The Knitting Patch was able to secure this order, and in all likelihood it is the last Faery Wings to be had anywhere. We have 6 delightful colors available as shown in the adjacent photos. Faery Wings is a blend of 63% Silk; 23% Mohair; & 23% Nylon. Each skein is approximately 365 meters (400 yards). Given the fiber content, you can only imagine how wonderful, and elegant Faery Wings. In this case, it is best to shop early because Faery Wings will not last.






October 22: As promised, we are adding photos of the Freia yarns we received yesterday.



Shown in the photo (right) are the 16 exquisite colors of Ombre Grande we received from Freia yesterday. Ombre Grande is blend of 75% Wool and 25% Nylon making this yarn as durable as it is elegant in its appearance. The gradiant coloring process employed by Freia is very unique to Freia, and produces outstanding colorations that must be seen to be apprecaited. If you scroll down, you can see a shawl made using Freia, which is red in color and is entitled "Alberta Shawl."





Shown in the adjacent images are the 16 colors of Ombre we received yesterday. Ombre is a blend of 80% Alpaca and 20% Silk making Ombre as wonderful to the touch as it is elegant in its appearance. Moreover, the quality of the fibers used ensures a durable and lasting garment that will be cherished for years to come.




Shown right are the 7 colors of "Flux" we received from Freia yesterday. Flux is a blend of 75% Wool and 25% Nylon making for a practical, and durable yarn which assures you will receive many years of enjoyment (and compliments) from anything you choose to make using this wonderful yarn. The grandiant color process is unique to Freia and is used in all of their yarns.


Stop by the store to see these unique yarns, and see the shawl we have on dsplay which was knitted using Freia Fibers yarn during our down time.




October 21: The Knitting Patch is pleased to announce that we have received a large shipment from Freia Fibers, and that we are your Central Florida resource for their incredible yarns. Freia is renowned for their unique gradient coloring technique, as well as their incredible range of colors. Freia Yarns really must been seen to be fully appreciated. We will be updating this post with photos of the Freias Yarns that we presently have in our inventory. Quite literally customers were awaiting our opening the box so they could purchase these highly sought after yarns. Click on the Freia Fibers logo below to visit their website.

October 20: The new yarns that we ordered have started arriving, with much more on the way in the coming days. Below are details of what has arrived in the last day or two.



Shown in the photo (right) are the 8 colors of Rylie we received. Rylie is a delightful blend of 50% Baby Alpaca, 25% Mulberry Silk, & 25% Linen, which makes this yarn particularly adaptable to a wide variety of knitting projects, and especially well suited to our warm weather here in Central Florida. It is wonderful to the touch, and this blend assures a long life, and durable product that ensures that your finished piece will provide many years of wear. Each skein of Rylie is approx 274 yards in length. Rylie is from Germany.






Shown in the photo (left) are the 4 colors of Lino we received. Lino is a blend of 85% Wool, and 15% Linen, making this yarn durable, and one that will produce finished knitted pieces that will have a long life. Linen is an incredible fiber, and one that is especially well suited to our warm weather here in Central Florida. Each ball of Lino is approx 100 meters in length. Lino is produced in Germany.




Shown in the photo (right) are the 7 colors of Lace Ball we received. Lace Ball is made in Germany, and is a blend of 75% Wook (superwash), and 25% Polymide. Each ball contaions approx 800 meters of yarn. The colorations of this yarn and really beautiful, and it knits easily into striking garments. It really is a delightful yarn to knit.






Shown in the photo (left) are the 5 colors of Gradient we received. Like the yarns described aboce, Gradient is a product of Germany of the highest quality materials and workmanship. Each ball of Gradient is 100% wool, with each ball being approx 280 meters in length. The coloring of this yarn is really exceptional, which is also what inspired its name.


Shown in the photo (right) is a unique yarn, whose name was taken from its packaging - "Big Disk." We were curious about this yarn, and decided to order it and have a first hand look. All of our surprises were very positive. Physically its packaging closely resembles the hard disk drives that IBM used on its System 3 computers back in the 1970's. In this case, however, the yarn is really exciting, and beautifully colored. Each "Big Disk" contains approx 430 meters of 100% Virgin Wool which is of the highest quality, ensuring that your finished piece will provide years of enjoyment. This is a unique packaging for yarn, and the underlying yarn is really compelling. Stop by and see this for yourself. This is a new to the market yarn.






Caribou, as shown in the adjacent photo, is 100% Nylon, and is an excellent novelty type yarn product, made in Germany. We received 15 colors of this very soft yarn.









Ambiente, shown in the photo (right) is an exciting yarn, that has a wide variety of uses. Most of all the colorations in Ambiente are really incredible, as is its quality. Ambiente is 100% Wool. Ambiente is made in Germany. Each ball of Ambiente is approx 155 meters in length.








From Anzula we received a wide variety of their colors of their "Wash My Lace" yarn as shown in the adjacent photo. We have much more Anzula on order, and expect it in late November. Anzula's hand dyeing is in a class all by itself. Their underlying yarns are also of exceptional quality, adding to those traits are their keen attention to details in their dyeing process. Garments made with Anzula yarns will prove themselves over the test of time. Hence, creating heirlooms using Anzula yarns is a smart decision, and one that ensured that your pieces will be treasured for decades to come. Wash My Lace is 100% Merino Wool, and each skein is approx 980 yards in length.

Also from Anzula we received new colors of "Dreamy" as shown in the photo right. Dreamy is a blend of 75% Superwash Wool, 15% Cashmere, and 10% Silk - it is hard to imagine a more pleasing blend that this. This is an ideal time to shop for holiday gifts while we have a large inventory from which to choose. If you did not see anything in this update, keep checking because we have a lot more inbound, including from new vendrors. In one case, The Knitting Patch is the exclusive vendor for this company's yarns in Central Florida. These yarns are reallt "Hot" and of the highest quality, with very unique coloring.



October 16: During the time that our store was closed during our relocation, does not mean that we took a "Knitting Holiday." Quite the contrary, as many shawls were made, as featured below:



Shown left, is a shawl made using Mille Fiori pattern using Koigu Lace Merino yarn. It is really beautiful, and the Koigu yarn is exceptional in every way. This shawl is available for inspection in the store, just ask to see it.




Shown in the image (right) is our "Mookwalk" shawl made using Anzula Milky Way yarn. The result is very dramatic, and compelling. This shawl is the perfect complement for upscal or casual - it can really go either way and be be the perfect accessory for your outfit.



Shown left is our "Princess Peacock" shawl, which was made using Schoppel yarn. The coloring of this yarn is really perfect for this shawl, and makes an instant impression, and causes people to look (likely with envy) at your stunning appearance.




Featured in the photo (right) is our Quadratische Decke Shawl, made using Madelinetosh Prairie yarn. The result speaks reams about the pattern and the yarn. This is one that you really need to see to fully appreciate. It is in the store, and available for you to see.



The adjacent photo shows another variant of the Quadratische Decke Shawl. However, this one was made using Madelinetosh Pashmina yarn. The yarn makes a difference, and the difference is far beyond the colour. Both examples are stunning. The difference in yarn makes a big difference in the outcome.



Shown in the photo (right) is our Alberta Shawl made using Freia yarn. The way this yarn changes its colors in a very subtle manner makes a big difference in the final result. The Freia coloring is something that they are noted for. Making yarn this way is an extremely time consumming process, and is done entirely by hand. Watch our website for more news about Freia yarns in the coming week. This is a shawl that definitely must be seen to appreciate, and to understand how the Freia colors and blending of their colors is so unique, and the difference it makes in your finished project.




Shown in the adjacent photo is our "Chasing Rainbows" shawl from Boo Knits! We made Chasing Rainbows using Koigu Lace Merino, and the finished shawl is quite stunning, and would set off just about any outfit you wear.






October 13: We continue to settle into our new store. To take advantage of our increased space, we are currently establishing relationships with new manufacturers that we are confident will be well ereceived by our customers. Hopefully we will start receiving "new" inventory in the next 10 days. Watch our website for more details to be posted when these exciting new yarns arrive.

As everyone knows, we are approaching All Hallows Eve, or what we traditionally call Halloween. This year, The Knitting Patch is pleased to have Beverly Johnson, of "Boo Knits" to be joining us for the day. Beverly will be here to meet with customers, autograph her patterns, and discuss her patterns with you, and perhaps share some ideas with you. From past experience we know that Beverly is an incredibly gracious person, who is as delightful as she is talented as a designer. We encourage you to mark your calendar for October 31, and join us for this most special day. How ironic that "Boo Knits" will be here on October 31????? What are the chances of this happening???? We are really excited to have here for the day, and look forward to seeing you as well. It would be really nice if you wear or bring pieces you have knitted using Boo Knits patterns.

October 4: Our grand opening yesterday was a stunning success, and it appeared that everyone really enjoyed themselves. As everyone found out, we were also having a "lottery", wherein you received a ticket with every purchase.The winners receive The Knitting Patch Gift Certidficates of varying denominations. We are please to post the winnings numbers, and the value of the gift certificate below. Please be mindful of the fact that your lottery ticket must be surrendered for your gift certificate on or before October 31, 2015. The gift certificates do not expire, so please stop by and exchange your ticket at the store. The winners are:

$100 Gift Certificate: 620115;

$50 Gift Certificate: 620133 & 620128;

$25 Gift Certificate: 620121; 620120; 620117; 620123; 620127;

$15 Gift Certificate: 620135;620138; 620136; 620116; 620130; 620124; 620131;

$10 Gift Card: 620119; 620129; 620137; 620139; 620118; 620125; 620122,620134; 620132.


We want to thank everyone who came yesterday. It was very gratifying to have such an incredible turnout for this day. The feedback we received from many was that it was very enjoyable. We look forward to seeing you on a regular basis.

Be sure to mark your calendar for October 31, as Beverly Johnson of Boo Knits (UK) will be in the store from noon until closing. This will be an exciting day, and will afford you the opportunity to meet this very creative designer. What could be more coopelling that having "Boo Knits on October 31?????? It will qualify as a Spooktacular event!!

August 31: Fall is fastly approaching, and with it comes many excitinig things, including Halloween! The Knitting Patch is please to announce that on Saturday, October 31 we will be hosting a very special guest - Beverly Johnson of Boo Knits! How ironic to have "Boo" visit on Halloween. She will be in the store from about noon until the last person leaves. She will be happy to meet with you, discuss your knitting, and especially discuss her patterns. She will be happy to autograph any Boo Knits patterns you have. Beverly is a very engaging, and knowledgeable person, who is a lot of fun to spend time with. Mark this date on your calendar, and plan to stop by and meet "Boo."


The shawl shown in the adjacent photo is delightfully simple to knit, and yet it is extremely delicate, and appealing showcasing what appears to be advanced knitting skills. This shawl is in the store and can be inspected. However, due to our pending move, it is not on a manequin and you must ask to view it.








June 26: After almost 6 years at our present location, The Knitting Patch is moving and expanding. We have outgrown our present location, and need to expand to allow us to continually expand our inventory, and take on new lines of yarns. Moreover, Westmonte Drive is about to be disrupted for an extended period of time as part of the I-4 expansion. Accordingly, it is time for us to move to a location that will allow us to continue serving our customers' needs. In view of this, we are having a "Moving Sale" starting immediately. During this sale, you will receive 20% off your entire purchase of regularly priced merchandise. The only exclusions to this discount are Gift Cards; Custom Orders; Classes; & Sale Items. All sales where this discount is applied are "Final Sales" and are not subject to returns, refunds, or exchanges.

We will be announcing our new location in the near future on our website, so please check it periodically for the latest news. We are not quite ready to disclose the new location but it will be within close proximity in Longwood. We are excited by this development, and look forward to serving your needs in our new store. We are confident that you too will be pleased with the new store and new location, which has great proximity to I-4. We expect to be opened at our new location before the end of July.

We look forward to seeing you during our Moving Sale, and to serving you in our new location.


June 26: Yesterday we completed what is one of the most beautiful shawls we have ever made. It required only a single skein of Madelinetosh Lace yarn. There are 3 distinct designs in the shawl which are essentially two side panels and a different design for the center panel. There are many different stitches within each, which produces a truly stunning shawl, that is certain to be an attention getter wherever it is worn. This shawl is not for a beginner, and anyone who knits this must pay close attention because at places it is tricky. However, the effort to make it is a great investment of your time.









May 11: Shown in the adjacent photo is an incredibly beautiful "Shawlette" which was easy to knit using 2 skeins of sock weight yarn. The final piece turned out to be quite striking, as well as an attention getter. We just put it on display this morning, and a customer was so taken with it, that she purchased the yarn to make it for herself. We also received additional colors of "Zooey" this morning.







May 5: Shown left are the five colors of "Zooey" we received this morning. Zooey is a blend of 60% Cotton and 40% Linen making it absolutely one of the best yarns for our warm summer weather here in Florida. Zooey is a DK weight yarn. Each ball is approximately 284 yards (260 m) of yarn.




May 5: Shown right, is our 5th "Seascape" shawl. As suggested by the number we have made, we have found this pattern, and shawl to be exceptionally fun to make, and the results are nothing short of stunning. We have made all of them with different yarns. This particular Seascape was made using "Fino" yarn, which is a dlightful (and beautiful) blend of 65% Silk & 35% Linen, makiong the finished piece both beautiful, with the unmistakable sheen that only comes from Silk, and the linen providinig durability, and added comfort. This shawl only required a single skein to make. We also enhanced the shawl by adding beads to it, which really makes it stand out from the ordinary.




April 21: As shown in the photo (left) we recently received 15 colors of "CoBaSI" from HiKoo. We have both variegated, and solid colors of this fine yarn available. HiKoo is a new vendor for us, and we are excited about this really great yarn. CoBaSi is a blend of Cotton (55%), Bamboo (16%), and Silk (8%) with an additional Elastic Nylon (21%) which ensures that your finished piece will hold its form for many years to come. The silk content provides that unmistakable luster that only comes from silk content. Each skein of CoBaSi is approximately 220 yards in length. Amazingly, CoBaSi is machine washable using cold water. This is an exciting yarn for summer knitting projects, and is well suited to a variety of projects such as: Scarves; Shawls; Socks; and other summer projects.

Shown in the photo (right) is a shawl we recently finished, which was made using 4 skeins of Koigu KPM yarn.Koigu was a dream to knit, and the finished result speaks for itself. This shawl is on display in the store, so please stop by and see it for yourself.




April 14: We recently completed two projects and want to share them with you. Both are really great projects, and both produce stunning results.



Shown in the photo (left) is a really unique top, that is intended to be one of "generous proportions." When knitting there were concerns because of the size, but when finished it turned out to be an incredibly beautiful, and practical top. Quite literally the proporations are such that this could be used by someone who is pregnant! Forgetting about the proporations, it was easy to knit, and as you can see it turned out to be quite attractive. We selected Madelinetosh "Dandelion" for this project, and it was a great yarn. However, depending on your fiber and/or manufacturer prefences, there are numerous yarns available which would produce great results. This top is on display in the store, so please stop by and see for yourself. If you don not feel quite up to making this, we offer classes and individual assistance to ensure your success.





The photo (right) shows a Lacy Cape or Capelet, which is really beautiful. It embodies a magnificent design, and the beads really set off the appearance and elegance of this very beautiful piece, which is perfect to use year round, even here in Florida!!! You are destined to capture attention when you wear this. Casual or upscale, it will work beautifully in both situations. We used a single skein of Road to China lace to make this, and the pattern is readily available through Ravelry. We have a rainbow of colors available in Road to China Lace. This piece is on display in the store, so please stop by and see for yourself. If you don not feel quite up to making this, we offer classes and assistance to ensure your success.







February 20: We recently completed the shawl shown in the adjacent photo. This was made using 2 skeins of Hand Maiden yarn, along with coordinating beads, which are triangular in shape. The result speaks for itself. This shawl is on display in the store, and we have a great inventory of yarns & beads from which to choose if you would like to make one for you or as a gift.






February 7: We just received "Poppy", which is a new novelty yarn. Poppy is really a delightful product, and it comes with the pattern to make the hat shown on the right side of the adjacent image. It is an excellent single skein product, and promises to knit very quickly given the large size of needles used. The possibilities are nearly endless. This is just in time for Valentines, and it will absolutely knit up very quickly. Poppy is a blend of 53% Acrylic; 45% Wool; and 2% Mohair. Each skein is approx 43 yards in length.








Shown in the adjacent image is our 2nd shawl of this particular design. If you compare it to the shawl in the next images below, you are right - it is the same. When we made the shawl shown below, we had sufficient yarn left over to make another, so we did. The only difference is that we changed the sequence of colors, and used different beads, and while the appearance is similar, it is also quite different. Both of these shawls are on display in the store, and available for you to see. They are both elegant, appealing to the touch, and not terribly difficult to make. If you feel that your knitting skills are not up to this task, inquire about a class tailored to your making this shawl.







February 5: Shown in the adjacent photo[right] is an incredible brown shawl we just completed. The shawl is quite striking, and the beads absolutely set off the creation. We knitted this shawl using "Filisilk" which is a new yarn in our inventory. Filisilk is from Germany, and is of the highest quality. It is a blend of 70% merino wool, and 30% silk, giving it that unmistakable sheen that only comes from silk content. We actually used three different colors in making the shawl. You really must see this shawl in person to appreciate its beauty, and discern the color gradients, which are subtle, but are definitely there. Additionally, beads really set this shawl off. We offer a class if anyone is interested in making this shawl, but feels as if they are not quite up to the task.

Shown left, are the 19 colors of Filisilk we received yesterday, which gives you an incredible selection from which to choose. The response to the Filisilk Shawl has been incredible!








January 12: In issue 78 of The Knitter magazine we saw a shawl, featured on the cover, which was beautiful, and decided to make this. The result is featured on the photo (left). Albertine was made using a single skein of Fyberspates Gleem Lace yarn, and complimentary triangular beads. The shawl took less than the full skein. We have this shawl on display in the store, and also have The Knitter magazine available for anyone interested in making one for themselves, along with a great selection of Gleem Lace (recommended by the designer).




January 8: Happy New Year!!! During the holidays, we worked on making the "Serendipity Lace Shawl" which is shown in the adjacent photo. As all knitters realize, not all projects are the same. For us, Serendipity was one of the most wonderful projects we have ever undertaken, and the result speaks for itself, and for the designer of this awesome shawl. We used Jade Sapphire Silk/Cashmere yarn, and the shawl took 2 skeins (as shown). We also just received a shipment of this incredible yarn in a variety of colors. We also used triangular beads to give the shawl an unmistakbeable elegance. The pattern is available via Ravelry, and if you wish, you can simply click on the adjacent photo and you will be taken to the Ravelry page where you can purchase and download this incredible shawl. While the finished shawl looks like you would need a Ph.D. in knitting to make, it is in reality not a difficult pattern to master. Serendipity is on display in the store. If you have interesting in making this for yourself, and feel that you need assistance, we offer custom instruction tailored to your specific needs. In the alternative, if there is interest within the community, we are considering offering a"Knit Along" for a group not to exceed 4 participants. If you have such interest, please call the store at 407-331-5648.


The Knitting Patch is pleased to be an authorized retailer for patterns designed by Ilga Leja. Ilga's designs are legendary, and exceptionally beautiful. We are pleased to welcome Ilga to our inventory. Please visit Ilga's website by clicking on the following link, and see for yourself her incrdible creations: Ilga Leja. Select the patterns you like, and stop by the store and purchase them. We have an example of Ilga's "Bermuda" shawl on display in the store. It is made with Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn, ad is one of the most beautiful shawls we have ever seen. She quite elegantly captured the motion of the ocean and sky in this awesome shawl. To visit Ilga Leja's website, you may click on any place where the words Ilga Leja appear or by clicking on Ilga's logo below.



The adjacent photo is of a truly exceptional shawl we completed. It is incredibly vibrant, very unusual in the manner in which the colorations are woven into the design, which symbolically represents water and waves. This shawl was made using two skeins of Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn. We have the pattern is available for purchase in the store. While the pattern is lengthy, it is not too complex as there is a lot of repitition. The results are nothing short of stunning and speak for themselves. This one is definitely a head turner, and you will be asked where you got it when you wear this one out.







The skirt shown in the photo (left) is an original design, and it is truly stunning. Lace knitting produces the most spectacular results, and allows for individual creativity in designing a unique, one of a kind creation. This skirt used 1.79 miles of yarn! We absolutely love lace knitting, and achieving these kind of results from the effort we put into our examples.






Boris, who has so faithfully served as our store mascot turned model was recently promoted to Director of Security. Our belief was that as our security officer, someone would have to be crazy to pick a fight with a Polar Bear! Boris was sworn in yesterday, and received his official credentials as you can see in the photo below. He was overwhelmed by this turn of events, and promised to keep modelling for us. Those of you who know Boris are certain to be happy with the news of his promotion.


To Steam (Block) or Not to Steam (Blosk) That is the question... We hear this question frequently. Some customers have said that other stores have told them it is not necessary. In a few cases (depending in fiber) this is true, but almost universally, you need to steam and blok in order to finish your project. In the context of a picture paints a thousand words, below is a photo of a recently completed knitted afghan, and we have taken photographs before and after the steaming, and the results speak for themselves. Steaming will "reset" the yarns memory, and allow it to relax. Accordingly the steaming process will make your finished project larger, in the case of this afghan, it grew by about 25%! Look at the before and after photos below, and judge for yourself - is steaming/blocking necessary?


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