Updated February 09 @ 02:15pm

Thank you for visiting our "Bootique" which features knitted examples of the incomparable designs of Boo Knits! Most of these examples are available for inspection in the store. The Knitting Patch has Boo Knits! entire inventory of patterns available for purchase.







Featured right is Boo Knits! Mustardseed Shawl.












Shown left is "Happy Together" from Boo Knits. It is an interesting side note, that Beverly was working on this pattern during her visit on October 31, and the name Happy Together came to her due to the feelings she had about her visit.









Shown right is VooDoo from Boo Knits. Our VooDoo was knitted using 2 skeins of Handmaiden Swiss Silk yarn, and complemented with triangular black/gold beads. This shawl is one of Beverly's best creations, and is stunning in every way.









Shown left is Boo Knits! Out of Darkness shawl.









Shown (right) is Boo Knits! Almost Autumn, which is a wonderfully easy shawl to knit. A particularly appealing aspect of Boo Knits! is that the finished result belies the fact that you do not need advanced knitting skills to create finished pieces that suggest otherwise.







Shown left is one example of Boo Knits! Fragile Heart.






Shown right is another example of Fragile Heart knitted using a different yarn. Both shawls are lovely.






Shown left is Boo Knits! Intrepid Spirit.





Shawl right is Boo Knits! Chasing Rainbows.






Shown left is Boo Knits! Ocean Breeze shawl.






Featured right is Boo Knits! Peaseblossom Shawl. Peaseblossom is really a stunner...








Shown left is Boo Knits! Be With You shawl, which is a very striking shawl, which is an eye catcher.









Shown right is Boo Knits! Snow Angel. Due to the name is this shawl, we chose to knit it using a white yarn.









Shown left is Boo Knits! Spellbound shawl. Spellbound is a decidedly feminine shawl that is certain to capture attention wherever you go.





Shown right is Boo Knits! Wintersweet shawl. Wintersweet is versatile and is appropriate for upscale as well as casual attire.








Shown left is Boo Knits! Mimosa shawl. Delightfully elegant, yet it goes with just about every attire imagineable.