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June 13: Bel quite literally just finished the incredible green colored lace shawl featured in the photo (right). The results she achieved are stunning. Although not visible in the photo, the lower edge is quite elegantly enhanced with beads, which really set off this shawl. As incredible as this sounds, this incredible shawl required only a single skein of Lorna's Laces "Helen's Lace" yarn to make.





Bel recently finished the incredible beaded lace shawl shown in photo (left). This shawl is as perfect as perfect gets. Bel took her time, and made absolute certain that everything was perfect at every step. The details in this shawl are stunning. Bel moved on after this shawl, and is about to finish another incredible lace shawl in a deep green color. This shawl was created using a single skein of Art Yarns lace yarn.




Holly knitted the awesome, beaded, lace scarf using her own design as shown in the photo (right)! This scarf was knitted using Feza "Opulent" yarn. The results are nothing short of Opulent.




The scarf shown in the photo (left) was knitted by Holly, and is a remarkable piece that is quite striking. Most important is Holly's keen attention to detail in all of her knitting projects.


The photo (right) shaws a beautiful lace showl knitted by Bel, who has only been knitting for just over a year. She has been a fast learner, as this shawl testifies to. You will definitely be seeing more from Bel as she is definitely pursuing knitting with an intensity that is rarely seen. She is definitely off to a great start.





Shown in the photo (left) is a baby set knitted by Holly.


Shown in the photo (right) is another lace shawl knitted by Bel. Not bad for a beginner????? There is mocu more to come from Bel.




Shown in the photo (left) is another baby/toddler piece knitted by Holly.


Holly knitted the baby set shown in the photo (right). There are some incredibly well dressed grandchildren somewhere.





The incredible lace shawl shown in the photo (left) was knitted by Holly! Yes, she can and does knit more than baby and toddler attire, she produces some very incredible lace projects.



Drop Stitch Shawls have been a favorite for many knitters. The black shawl shown in the photo (right) was one of Bel's first projects and as the photo attests, it turned out perfect.


The scarf shown in the photo (left) was another of Bel's earliest knitting projects, and once again, it turned out perfectly.




The scarf shown in the photo (right) is a unique inspiration by a customer who wishes to remain anonymous. She quite cleverly used multiple types of yarn in a very striking manner to create the unique effects shown in this scarf. Not only is the knitting perfect, her mastery of design, and textures is really incredible.









As promised, we have finally gotten a great photo of the Drop Stitch Shawl that Darlene made during a recent class. Darlene chose a black yarn, with associated sparkles, which really makes for a dramatic effect. Her shawl looks great as the adjacent photo attests, and even better when being worn. All three ladies produced really exceptional pieces. The two photos below show the similar shawls made by Terri & Martha. In the near future, we look forward to seeing their Mobius, which are presently a work in process. Congratulations to Darlene, Terri & Martha for their accomplishments.






We recently completed a class for making the Drop Stitch Shawl, as shown in the photos left (Martha) and right (Terri), and not shown Darlene. It is astonishing to produce the results that these ladies produced while having the amount of fun we all had in making them. We are pleased to add these photos to our customer gallery family album of knitting. Terri, is the same Terri of "Crocheting Fame," and she was surprised at how well, not to mention quickly she mastered knitting. The results that these three ladies produced are absolutely astonishing. It was so much fun, that they have all moved on to making a Moebius in another class. We will be adding Darlene's photo very shortly as soon as we get an opportunity to take one.








This "Purl-less" top is a testament to what one can do if they are truly motivated. Kathy made this, and what is really rearkable about it is that this was a first for Kathy as she is a lifetime left handed person, who made this incredible piece knitting with her rght hand as the primary. The photos attest to the perfection of this top. Kathy was patient, despite being frustrated at times, she endured, and conquered!







The shawl shown in the adjacent photo was knitted by Holly, using Noro Silk Garden Lite. She blended the yarns natural colorations and created an absolutely exquisite shawl that is as functional as it is beautiful. This is an example of exceptional knitting technique.









"LuLu" was crocheted by Terri, who is truly an artist. She has created many different types of creatures, and has an extensive collection of Disney creations. In the very near future, we will be featuring a lot of Terri's work on her own pages in our customer gallery. Periodically we will be hosting Terri so that she can showcase her creations, which are exceptional in every way.




The scarf shown in the adjacent photo was recently compelted by Holly. She made this unusual creation using Noro Silk Garden yarn, and a pattern she found in the Noro Accessories book. While it looks great in the photo, it looks better in person. This is an incredibly artistic creation.







The shawl featured in the adjacent photo is another example of knitting perfection by Kathi. This shawl is magnificent in every way. The details of the stitches, and the masterful way that Kathi blended different yarns into a completmentary finished result that is striking. This shawl is an example of knitting perfection. As you will see below, Kathi is a perfectionist.




As the shawl shown in the photo (right) attests, Kathi is a very advanced knitter. This shawl is absolutely breathtaking. The closeup perspective shows the intricate stitchwork, and the perfection of each stitch.





Lyn recently completed the baby blanket which is featured in the photo (left). Lyn is an accomplished knitter, and this blant is testament to that fact. Her stitches are perfect, and the finished blanket is beautiful, and is destined to be a family heirloom for generations to come.






Matt has become an accomplished knitter. He has a particular fascination for stuffed animals as you will see in this gallery. The "Elephant" pictured in the adjacent photo is one of Matt's most recent creations. Pretty soon he will have his own knitted zoo.







Matthew is an inspired knitter, who has been knitting for many years. Matt always seems to have fun with everything he knits, and his friends who have been the recipients of hs knitting are very lucky. Matt's latest creation is appropriately named "Matt's Monkey." He absolutely did a perfect job on this creation. If you look below on this web page you will see other creations by Matt.








Sarah started knitting in January, 2010 when she participated in The Knitting Patch's children's knitting classes. Her first knitting project was a scarf, which is shown in the adjacent photos. Sarah finished this scarf the day before she submitted it into competition at the Central Florida Fair in 2010. Sarah won third place in her category for this scarf! That scarf was incredible, and her winning in a competition was quite inspiring. Sarah has continued knitting and has produced some extremely fine garments, which are shown below. These two photos tell the story of how Sarah began knitting.









Emma is another budding knitter. The photo (left) shows Emma modelling a moebius she made, and entered into competition, and WON!!! Emma's moebius was near perfection when she finished it. She paid keen attention to every stitch. When she started this project she realized that it was going to be a challenged for her, and that challenge was itself inspirational. As you can see by Emma's expression, she was quite proud of her accomplishment.




Elaine made this (photo right) incredible scarf using Pagewood Farms yarn. While Elaine was a bit bashful in modelling the scarf, the scarf turned out beautifully, and is a testament to Elaine's attention to detail.





Sarah is an aspiring young knitter, who seems to have a natural gift for knitting. The photo left shows the moebius that Sarah made for her grandmother. You can see by both Sarah and her Grandmother's expressions that both are quite pleased with the result. The moebius is a perfectly knitted piece, and one that any serious knitter would be pleased to have made. Congratulations to Sarah on another perfect knitting project.








Linda made the skirt she is modelling in the photo (right) for a cruise she took in June of 2011. She finished the skirt just in time for the cruise, and she turned many heads and was the envy of many aboard with this beautiful skirt. Linda proves that with determination that someone who is not advanced can master advanced techniques. She learned so much from tackling this project, and she said that the best thing for her was gaining the confidence in herself that she can take on advanced projects.





Nancy got very creative making the hat shown in the photo (left) When she was finished there was still something "missing." Nancy quite creatively used some PomPoms from another yarn she had to make the decoration on the front of the hat. Quite creative, and also quite spectacular.





Matthew made the "Bear" featured in the photo (right) for his girlfriend for Christmas (2010). Matt worked diligently on the project, and his attention to details definitely paid off. The gift was wonderfully received, and she was quit surprised that Matt had made it by himself.




Matt got into the spirit last year when he made a "Gator" scarf in the colors of the University of Florida. Matt put a lot of work into making this scarf, and according to what he has reported he has been the envy of many friends who want one too....






Helen knitted a masterpiece throw as shown in the photo (right). Helen's attention to details, and her advanced skills are quite evident by the perfect craftsmanship exhibited in this piece.







Inna is modelling (photo left) a beautiful dress she created. This lace dress is absolutely breathtaking, and Inna's knitting skills also played a role in her creation of this perfect dress.



Linda, back from her cruise, looking incredible, just made the necklace she is modelling in the photo (left). The cruise was an incredible time for her, and the skirt she knitted just in time was a hit with all of her friends, and many others aboard the ship. Linda shared her photos and experiences with us, and it was a vacation of a lifetime. Unfortunately Linda is about to move away from Florida, and as such, we will be bidding her a fond adieu next week. She has excellent knitting skills that will serve her well in her new home of Tennessee. From all of your extended family at The Knitting Patch, you will be missed.







Heidi is modelling (photo right) her just completed scarf made with Trendsetter's ChaCha. As if Heidi's expression does not tell the story, this scarf is incredibly beautiful. Heidi has every reason to be pleased with the results.




Sharron made this incredible cardigan (photo left), and the finished piece definitely reflects the effort that Sharron put into making this piece. This cardigan if definitely a head turner....


Mayra made the incredible shawl (photo right) using her Hairpin Lace loom. This is one of the most beautiful creations we have ever seen made using Hairpin Lace. The intricate lace work in this shawl is nothing short of spectacular. Thank you Mayra for sharing this with us, and for inspiring us to bring our our hairpin lace looms more often.




Kimberly provided us with one of the most unusual knitting pieces we have seen in a long time. She made the clothes for the doll shown in the photo (right). The knitting was absolutely perfect, and the doll to precious to describe.






Annette made this very cute childrens dress (photo left). It is so cute, and Annette's knitting was perfect. The recipient of this dress will be very lucky, and will wear it with pride.





Mae is modelling a scarf that darlene knitted for her using Pagewood Farms yarn (photo right). The scarf looks beautiful, and Darlene deserves notice for the excellent job she did in creating this very appealing scarf.




Sarah stays busy knitting. The "Seal" shown in the photo (left) was one of her latest creations. She made it to have as a friend. The Seal is as cute as cute can be.