The following are knitting resources that we have found helpful.


We have found Knitting to be an incredible resource. They have posted many instructional videos which are quite good as learning aides. They cover almost everything critical including (you can click on each topic, and it will take you to the associated sylabus & video(s) on Casting On; The Knit Stitch; The Purl Stitch; Increases; Decreases; Casting Off/Binding Off; Knitting Tips; Advanced Techniques; and Terms & Abbreviations. It's resources and self paced instruction, and web based instruction can teach many aspects of knitting, from beginner basics, to more advanced techniques. When looking for assistance, this is a great place to start. We almost think that a more appropriate logo for this website would be a ball of yarn emblazoned with the internation Red Cross symbol. Or an alternative name would quite appropriately be knitting 411, or Knitting 911. This is a good site, and we urge you to familiarize yourself with it.


The following is a link to a website that provides unit conversions between metric and US, It is quite useful as knitting tends to use both depending on where your yarn was manufactured.

If you are looking for a resource to help you get started knitting, then Vogue Knitting has a resource to help you learn the basics on your own. The link below will take you to their own self paced tutorial, which is an excellent place to start.

Once you have mastered the basics, then we recommend Vogue's "Beyond Basics" to continue your education. Click on the link below to goto this website.

To learn about reading patterns, we recommend Vogus Knittings online instruction titled "Pattern Reading." This is an excellent resource to begin learning the basics, which can then be built upon with formal classes at The Knitting Patch.

As an adjunct to the above, Vogue also has "Techniques & Abbreviations", which is an excellent adjunct to anything knitting. This is an online resource that you will likely consult in the future, as it is quite a compendium of knitting knowledge. We highly recommend this for everyone.

In knitting as with just about everything in life, there is not a magic bullet, or one size fits all. These resources are just that - Resources. We believe these resources can be used quite effectively in conjunction with formal instruction, and if they are, then the benefit you receive from personal instruction will likely be considerably greater.

At the Knitting Patch, we are strong believers in training and instruction. As an example, when you make a mistake (and who doesn't) in your knitting there is an instinctive reaction to go to your local yarn store and pay someone to fix this mistake for you. While we can do this, it is not what we prefer. Our approach is to make your mistake a learning experience, and correction of that mistake a "private class" of sorts, wherein we instruct you in how to fix your mistake, which will substantially improve your background knowledge of knitting, and long term make you into a much better knitter. We believe that assisting you in building your knowledge will make you a better knitter, and your knitting experience will be a much happier one.