The Knitting Patch is pleased to offer needles from Knitters Pride, Addi, & Lantern Moon. These selections provide excellent value, and have products that will fit every budget and expertise. These needle offerings are available in just about every possible medium imaginable, and are excellent quality and value.

Addi offers a needle for just about every project, and are available in many different mediums. In certain applications, Addi is just about the only possibility for specialty knitting needs. You can click on the image below and review their products on their website.


Lantern Moon needles are made in Viet Nam, and are available in a variety of mediums. These are very high quality needles, and are guaranteed against defects forever. We have used Lantern Moon needles for many of our projects, and have found their Ebony needles to be an excellent choice. In addition to needles, Lantern Moon also makes a variety of accessories, including needles holders (cases), baskets, and much more. These are all extremely high quality products, and very worthwhile. You can click on the Lantern Moon logo below and see for yourself the diversity of Lantern Moon's offerings to the knitter.