April 4, 2012: The Knitting Patch was pleased to participate in The 2012 Central Florida Fair, which was held March 1, thru March 11. The fiber arts was once again a very integral part of the event, and there were many excellent pieces submitted in the competition. We had a booth at the event, and conducted many classes during the event. Most of all, we had a lot of fun. Below are some photos of our exhibit. We also want to thank our vendors for their generous support of this very worthwhile cause.

The smiles are what it is all about, and what makes the time invested be so rewarding. The photo above tells the story in the best way possible. We had a lot of fun, and a lot of people discovered that they too can knit!

February 2010: The Knitting Patch was asked to participate in the Central Florida Fair, which was held from February 25, thru March 7, 2010. Our participation included having a booth at the fair, and giving demonstrations of knitting throughout the event. We also submitted three knitted garments for judging in the competition. One of our youthful knitters also submitted her first knitted scarf into the youth category for judging. Quite to our surprise, A knitted skirt we submitted was judged as "Best of Show,', and a knitted purse was judged as first place in ites category. An afghan we submitted won 2nd place in its category. The most gratifying "Win," however, was not our, but the scarf submitted by Sarah Hernandez in the youth category - Sarah won 3rd place in her category, and this was the first think she ever knitted! Below are some photos from the event.

Nothing better demonstratest the "impact" we had at the show than the photo below, which shows one of the ladies working at the sown who took up knitting, sitting and knitting while watching over the displays. She had not knittted before, and was absolutely consummed with it once she had some basic instruction.

We also want to thank Knitting Fever, Inc., and Aslan Trends for their generous donations of yarn, which was used in our demonstrations. We look forward to participating in the 2011 fair, and hope to see you there.